Page-Building Gutenberg Blocks and Templates

A set of custom blocks and pre-made layouts that help you build your websites
using Gutenberg quickly and easily


Improving Gutenberg interface and user experience by introduces a new mode
for the editor named: Page-Building mode 

Container and Row block

Build any layout with the row and the container Block, Even Complex layouts
has become easy to build with the most advanced block layout builders on the market. With 40+ different columns structures to choose from with control over different devices.
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Better Customization Experience

Even with the complex blocks that contain many parts, BlockyPage allow you to select every parts from the block separately and viewing only the styles related to, that’s allow you to deal with clean inspector contains a list of the settings that are currently active.

Live Editing for Different Devices

With the Page-Building mode that comes with BlockyPage, responsive websites now is easy, a complete Live control over every design setting on each mobile device.
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Copy & Paste Styles

In BlockyPage every block style is ready to use in another block, take the style from any block, and paste it to any other block in the page.

Advanced Rich Text

Isn’t just global typography for the whole text block, you can select any part of text and customize it with the full range of text and font options.

All kinds of Blocks that you Need to Make Beautiful Designs

Rich Text
Pricing Table
Advanced Row
Icons List
Info Box
Advanced Icon
Button Group
Call To Action

endless customization options for all blocks

Background Images, Colors, Gradients, & Videos

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Fonts & Text Styling

Border Options

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Shape Dividers

Shadows control 

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On Scroll Animations

Overlay Control

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25+ Premade Sections

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